Shiatsu or 'finger pressure' in english,is an ancient form of medicine using the power of touch. Working on the body's physical structure we can tune into the inner energy to re-balance the body into good health. Shiatsu harmonises the 'Ki' or energy of a person by working specific pressue points around the body. Shiatsu therapy not only treats but can help prevent disease and can give people an increased sense of well being. By learning some basic principles and points of Shiatsu minor ailments may be relived and stress prevented.

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By stimulating certain points on the body, muscular tension or pain is relieved and blood circulation increases, encouraging the body's natural healing forces whilst strengthening the immune system. The beneficial physical effects also have a positive influence on our state of mind and emotions. Our state of consciousness expands leading to mental clarity. Using the appropriate points you can improve your condition as well as feel more alive, healthy and relaxed.

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To work the points Pressure should be stationary and perpendicular (a 90 degree angle from surface of skin), holding each point for 30 seconds or up to a few minutes. If the skin is being pulled the angle is probably incorrect.

Direct the angle of pressure into the centre of the part of the body you are working on. Try to apply and release pressure gradually, using your natural weight to lean into a point (rather than pushing). Each point will feel different. Some will feel tense, while others may be sore or ache. The pressure should be firm enough so that it 'hurts in a good way!' Remember be gentle. If you feel extreme sensitivity or pain, decrease the pressure or remove completely. It is not supposed to be an endurance test! Pain usually starts to subside after the point is held for a while. You can work your own points or ask a friend The thumb is usually used, whilst the other fingers of that hand rest in a relaxed way on the body. You can also use your elbow if the person wants more pressure or the base of the palm of the hand for less intensity. The person pressing the points should try and feel relaxed.

For optimum results try to work the relevant points daily. Although not a substitute for medical care, shiatsu is often an appropriate complementary treatment.
Precautions:Special care should be taken in pregnancy

(consult your Shiatsu practitioner or doctor)